Lines Currently Down

Our lines are currently down. Please contact us via our alternative contact numbers:  VOIP Switchboard 087 450 0200 | LOUIS 076 835 0959 | STEPHAN 076 653 6740 | NASH 076 835 8974 VELA 063 093 1338 | JOHAN 073 267 5321 | FREDERICK 073 759 5339 . We apologize for the inconvenience.

About Interspares

Interspares is a well established, South African based motor spares supplier since 1967.

We have a strong team of highly qualified staff members with vast technical knowledge and experience in their respective fields.
(Automatic Transmissions, Gearbox, Diff anzd Suspension Part Repairs)

We are widely recognised suppliers of automatic transmission spares, gearbox & diff parts for a wide range of light commercial vehicles and also selected heavy commercial vehicles. Among our range of over 11 000 parts are: Gasket & Seal Kits, Cluster and Spigots,  Gear Sets, Automatic Clutch Kits, Gearbox and Diff bearing kits, Synchro Rings, Teknorot Suspension Parts and Tools.

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